B.voc-A New trending stream in Bachelors Degree

B.voc Course


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B.voc ( Bachelor of vocational Education) is the new stream in UG degree which includes subjects relating to Child development, Hospitality management, Product designing and some other advanced courses related to the stream. B.voc was first started in karnataka state i.e only in Belagum and Mangalore are the first places to provide education in B.voc. The important thing in B.Voc is it provides students practicality as they subjected to do the field work where there will more of practicality than theory. In Journalism B.voc plays the crucial role in media. B.Voc Program in Journalism. How do you tell your story? The term fourth estate is used to describe the press. The significance of journalism comes from the people’s right to opinion and expression. The right to opinion and expression would not be a reality minus the press.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences has never limited itself to the mandate of a conventional university; rather, it has worked for the promotion of sustainable, equitable and participatory development, social welfare and social justice through: Value-based professional education for social work and other human service professions. Social research and dissemination of socially relevant knowledge; Social intervention through training and field action projects; Contribution to social and welfare policy and programme formulation at state, national and international levels.

Under the Work Integrated Training Programme, TISS-SVE offers courses currently beginning with Diploma course and leading to Bachelor of Vocational Degree (B.Voc). Every individual level/year is a standalone certification recognized and awarded by TISS as a deemed university. This course allows the students who have completed 12th standard or equivalent to join directly at NSQF Level 5 based on their academic achievements. The target group for such courses is largely marginalized youth who are seeking non-formal educational methods to enhance earning capabilities and thereby improve livelihood conditions.

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